Bathed in the dark, mysterious light of the ocean, in the western of Europe, lies a country of green landscapes that looks out over the Mar Maior (Greater Sea), the Atlantic Ocean. Against the backdrop of this wild sea, we Galicians feel the whole of Europe behind us.

But the ocean’s turbulence diminishes in the estuaries (rías). In these unique geographical formations the sea penetrates the land and the land comes alive.

Welcome to Galicia!

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Culture and Social Program

An exciting social and cultural program, full of music, traditions, beautiful historical sites, superb gastronomy, and amazing scenery.

Bay of Vigo Boat trip 

Getting around the Bay of Vigo by boat is a unique way to enjoy this beautiful natural area. Visitors will learn about the history and legends of Vigo Bay while taking a nice sea trip, visiting interesting spots, and going on a great walking tour through the islands, which are full of surprises. Experience from the sea the Vigo estuary, the city’s true jewel: its origin, its engine, its past, and its future.

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City guided tour

Vigo is right by the ocean, so you will feel the very refreshing air and enjoy its unique combination of nature and architecture. You will discover the past, present, and future of a dynamic city full of history, cultural heritage, and leisure options. Vigo is also reputed for its excellent gastronomy, and there is a wide variety of family-run local restaurants for all tastes.

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Valença do Minho

Galicia–North Portugal Euroregion. Tui and Valença

Since February 2012, Tui and Valença have been a part of a single Eurocity. These cities are a perfect example of cross-border collaboration as they have been linked since 1895 by the Old International Bridge but have had a special connection for much longer. Only three of the many areas where this collaboration is active are tourism, sports, and culture.

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Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela has been declared a World Heritage City in recognition of its magnificent architecture, exceptional preservation, and significance as the endpoint of the Way of St. James. This environment is vibrant with cultural expressions, including yearly music, film, and theater festivals, exhibitions, and traditional celebrations.

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Ribeira Sacra

The Ribeira Sacra is one of Galicia’s magical spots. The impressive river canyons offer spectacular natural and historical heritage sites. Monks and hermits came in search of a natural setting for meditation and had a profound bond with this region for centuries. Visitors will feel the same deep connection with the landscape and will enjoy its unique gastronomy and traditions.

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