STAR Global Conference 2023

Hosted by the University of Vigo jointly with
the UVigo UNESCO Chair

Transformative Education for an Interconnected
and Equitable World

STAR Scholars network and the UNESCO Chair at the University of Vigo (Spain) are delighted to invite you to the STAR Global Conference to be celebrated in Vigo, Spain on October 9-10, 2023.

The 21st-century society is characterized by globalization, hyperconnection, an explosion of information, and alarming ecological crises– all of which require scholars to navigate increasingly complex and constantly changing environments. Scholars and their students, as future citizen-leaders, must also possess skills necessary to discern, communicate, and incorporate ethical and civic values in their work of creating and sustaining social systems that will help to tackle the above challenges. Addressing these challenges of our time requires the transformation of science, society, and human behavior, and that can only be done by achieving equity and justice for all. But that social transformation first demands that we transform the landscape of education itself, modeling and inspiring the rest of society in the right direction.

With the above perspectives in mind, this conference offers a meeting place for scholar-practitioners from around the world to discuss innovative scientific and professional scholarship that supports transformative educational practice to both foster their professional growth and their contributions to society. We believe that these practices should be inclusive, active, environmentally and socially sustainable, and driven by a human-centered view of technology.

The STAR Global Conference is an exceptional event for professional development, offering participants a unique and welcoming opportunity for learning, training, mentoring, research networking and life-long learning.

Postgraduate students, scholars and researchers, and administrative and institutional leaders are encouraged to attend and submit a proposal for one or more types of sessions as outlined below. 

The conference is intentionally interdisciplinary and will be devoted to creating a ground-breaking, thought-proving forums for both disciplinary and transdisciplinary audiences. We will group related individual proposals into concurrent sessions of 2-4 presentations, and we also welcome panel submissions. Please see other categories.