Scientific and Social Program

The conference is intentionally interdisciplinary and will be devoted to creating ground-breaking, thought-proving forum for both disciplinary and transdisciplinary audiences. We will group related individual proposals into concurrent sessions of 2-4 presentations and welcome panel submissions. Please see other categories.

You can download a provisional PDF version of the Scientific and Social Programme by clicking the following button.

Keynote Speakers

Dra. Rajani Naidoo
(University of Bath. United Kingdom.
UNESCO Chair in Higher Education Management)

Dr. Manuel Curado
(University of Minho, Portugal)

Dra. María Paz Prendes Espinosa
(University of Murcia, Spain)

Dr. Krishna Bista
(STAR Senior Executive Vice president, Morgan State University, USA)

Dr. Uttam Gaulee
(STAR president; Morgan State University)

Dr. Chris Glass
(STAR Execute Vice President; Boston College, USA)

Dra. Lynn Pasquerella
(President, American Association of Colleges and Universities)

Dra. Dawn Whitehead
(Vice-president American Association of Colleges and Universities)

Dra. Pankaj Mittal
(Secretary general of the Association of Indian Universities)

Dra. Motikala Subba
(President, NELTA)