The STAR Scholars Network is committed to promoting transnational research and collaboration between scholars in different countries that impacts humanity positively beyond national borders. The Global Connections Awards recognize “STAR Scholars” for their achievements and distinctive contributions to transnational research that demonstrates the very best of scholarship and/or collaboration among scholars around the world.  In October 2023, the STAR Scholars Network will provide awards in four categories:

  • North Star Medal of Lifetime Achievement
    Acknowledgment of outstanding achievement and success in transnational research. 
  • Shining Star Research Award
    Influential scholarly contributions in any discipline and language.  
  • Rising Star Emerging Scholar Award
    Significant promise and commitment to transnational research. 
  • Star Humanitarian Award
    Humanitarian efforts in creating equity and/or scholarly balance.


We will have the honor to have Professor Chomsky on Monday, the 9th of October 2023 introducing this inspiring scholarly event.